• STEP # 1 to ORDER your very own CUSTOM MADE "selfie bikini by maneater™"

    *select your #maneaterSTYLE + size from our LIMITED EDITION collections...& place your order via ADD TO CART!
    Don't forget to choose your SIZE + COLOUR...even tho the colour isn't won't ADD TO CART unless you do!

    *OR if you would like to design your own bikini style, ask us about our CUSTOM patternmaking service...
    we will create the style for you!

  • STEP #2 ADD the FEE for the "selfie bikini by maneater™" (see right) for us to create the ARTWORK & DIGITAL
    print to be made up with your very OWN photographs!
    We design our very own MissManeater prints, so you won't find these designs anywhere else!  + they are only printed on the highest quality fabrics!

  • STEP #3 once we receive your order for your style/size (STEP #1) + your request for "selfie bikini by maneater™" (STEP 2) we will email you for your photos!  In the meantime you can decide between your photoshoot images, pics of your animal LOVE (puppy or kitty) OR a selfie with your boyfie!
    Whatever you LOVE most in this world!  It is all up to you!


  • ALL of our MissManeater designer swimsuits are hand-created, from the designs to drafting our cardboard pattern pieces.

  • NO Miss Maneater styles are MASS produced!  Each boutique bikini is made with LOVE especially for you!

  • Your "selfie bikini by maneater™" is a CUSTOM MADE swimsuit service!  You are the ONLY one who can wear you!  So wear YOU with PRIDE!

  • This is to certify that our cuts/styles and unique are the best fitting bikini styles around!

We are TOTALLY proud to make a high quality boutique product that you will be proud to part with your hard earned dollars for!

Owning just ONE 'maneater swimwear' bikini is NEVER enough.....and we guarantee you will be back for more! 

DESIGN YOUR OWN selfie bikini by maneater™

  • the selfie bikini by maneater™


    Is where you can add your very own photo for us to DIGITALLY print up for you & create a CUSTOM MADE swimsuit just for you!


    Its all up to your you use your photoshoot images to create your print.  A photo of your puppy/kitty LOVE or is this all about your SOULMATE?!?


    Whatever photos you decide to send us there is one thing guaranteed, you will wear nothing more with as much pride as you would your...selfie bikini by maneater™!

  • We are making this designer boutique bikini or swimsuit especially for you!  

    It will have your very own images as your print, so unfortunately we can't return or exchange, but you will be SUPER happy with your unique #maneaterSTYLE!


    Please ask as many questions you need in regards to your PERFECT MissManeater FIT & style selection.


    You are guaranteed to LOVE wearing yourself with PRIDE!

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